Episode 3 Imperial Stones: Not So Merrily Down the Stream

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In episode 3, Dosin arranges for our heroes to board an Elvin river barge to leave the city. Only Sigrich and a Dora have previously traveled outside the city gates – for the rest of the party this is an exciting and frightening prospect. In fact, Func is already having second thoughts about this endeavor as she realizes that Dora is the only one with wilderness survival skills. Her feeling of dread is worsened as they float through the lochs and catch sight of enslaved orcs labouring under the whip-hand of taskmasters. The seriousness of this journey is beginning to dawn on the party as they realise starvation is a real possibly… that is if they don’t freeze first as they head in to the mountains with winter fast approaching.

The lads decide to roll for encounters, rather than micro game the voyage down the river. Although the river was calm, it still took its toll on every party member. Poor Dora was hardest hit, losing control of all her bodily functions for most of the journey. The magic-walled Halfling city is briefly mentioned. The sea Elves teach the group several useful knots during the journey. Spiller lives up to his namesake and scatters his dice everywhere. Other points of interest include:

  • An all to frequent use of the word “seamen”
  • Failing to purchase bowls, some party members realise they may be eating out of their hands
  • The woods are a scary place at night, even from the relative safety of the river

A big thank you to Machinima Sound for the use of the backing track Battle of Kings!

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