Episode 4 Imperial Stones: Clusterfuckery While Debarging

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In episode 4, our heroes come to the realization that they have no plan to get to shore from a moving barge. The Elvish seamen won’t stop the boat and none of the heroes can swim.  In the  end, 3 of the 4 party member nearly drown – but Dora saves the day and hauls out a mess of tangled bodies from the otherwise tranquil river (lactating all the while).

Other points of interest include:

  • A brief debate over how fast 5 knots actually is (9km/h / 6mph)
  • Micah incorrectly believes his character can leap 9 squares (18 yards)
  • There is a short physics debate related to pulling and throwing
  • Aaron learns the difference between fate points and hero points

A big thank you to Machinima Sound for the use of the backing track Battle of Kings!

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