Intro to The Purple Hand Pod: The Imperial Stones Campaign (WFRPG 2nd Edition)

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Hey! This is the intro to our new podcast, The Purple Hand Pod (TPHP). TPHP is a fantasy roll play gaming podcast based on Warhammer 2nd Edition rules but in a modified world with serveral supplemental house rules. We are gamin a campaign called The Imperial Stones.

This is all pretty new to us, so we’re using this to shake things out. Before the idea of TPHP pod came about we were recording our adventures on an iPhone. Unfortunately the phone crashed and we lost maybe half a year of recordings. However these missing episodes are still available as text summaries in the blog. This is really just a warm up for us as we will be launching a WFRPG 3rd Edition campaign shortly.

So we hope you enjoy, follow and comment on our adventures through the grim and perilous old world. Check back often as we’ll be adding apps, and gaming utilities too.

A big thank you to Machinima Sound for the use of the backing track Battle of Kings!

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  1. Talimar. Master Thief says:

    great I see this is working now :)

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