Episode 5 Imperial Stones: Sanctuary…?

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In episode 5 we recap the lost episode of Sigrich loosing a fate point (lost due to device failure) we recap the lost episode (lost due to device failure) and see our heroes start off on our first out of the box adventure. When we bought this adventure I had no idea that it was part of an ongoing series of novels “Thieves World”. I thought that the name “Vulgar Unicorn” was awesome and bought it. It seemed to fit well with the players need to find a Sanctuary and the main city where the prefabbed story took place was in a city with said name. I thought,… “perfect!” Now that I know it is part of a bigger world with a huge fallowing I feel we need to apologize for the butchery of the city and world. We just bent it to our will and used what we liked with no regard for anyone else’s feelings!

A big thank you to Machinima Sound for the use of the backing track Battle of Kings!

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