Episode 1 Imperial Stones: Gearing Up

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Hey guys, when we first started recording sessions, we had no intention of podcasting them. That said we have decided to put a podcast together of all the published adventures for warhammer 3rd ed by Fantasy Flight Games. So in preparation, we are publishing our 2nd ed campaign to learn about creating and editing podcasts. This first episode actually drops you right in the middle of our campaign, 20 sessions in. If you want to catch up on what happened in the first 19 session please read our game journal.

In episode 1, our heroes gear up in preparation to leave Altdorf and in the process learn several important things. such as:

  • You don’t use the same knife for murder and food prep.
  • Interracial breeding has some unforeseen consequences .
  • That you can accomplish a whole lot of nothing in an hour.
  • Not ALL of us are losers!
  • Dora has no idea what is happening in the story, at all.

We will be doing a episode zero podcast recapping the first 19 sessions of this campaign in the near future. in the mean time, please leave us some comments and feed back on what you like and what could be improved. Thanks!

A big thank you to Machinima Sound for the use of the backing track Battle of Kings!

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