GW2 Players

The Purple Hand and MMORPGs:

Our Character’s stories started off form playing Warhammer 1st ed. Some of these characters were so beloved that they went to live on in… Ultima Online, Guild wars, World of Warcraft, Warhammer 2nd ed, Warhammer 3rd ed, and finally in Guild Wars 2. Many of these characters brought to life new characters, new stories and even new payers. This page is dedicated to allowing these people who have put so much of their time into playing as part of the PurpleHand guild in one, some or all of the above games. Currently as far as MMORPGs go the only active game that contributors of this site are involved with are playing GW2, but with any luck and the use of the internet, we may be able to post any and all stories revolving around the Purple Hand here, regardless of what game it pertains to.

These are our Players & Their Stories:





Dungeon Monkey